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Our expert thoracic surgeons are always humbled to hear from patients about how a procedure has impacted their life in a positive way through patient hyperhidrosis surgery testimonials.

We hope you will find the below testimonials encouraging to remind you that there is hope! Please call our center today to schedule a consultation with a thoracic surgeon and be on your way to recovery.

Hyperhidrosis Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Mahtabifard was awesome. Whether it was contact through cell phone or e-mail, he would respond to me within a day. Even after it was over, he would check in on me.  Most doctors will think ‘okay, cool, surgery went fine,’ that’s it. He even came into the store when I was working and checked to see how my hands were. He wanted to shake my hand personally to see if I was sweating and I was happy to go up to him and say sure, you can shake my hand whenever you want. I’m not sweating anymore. It was just amazing.  His service was just amazing.”

“Everyone at this surgical center was in great spirits – keep up the positive outlook! As a patient it made me feel better just being around all of them!”

“Everyone was truly so professional and proper.”

“I work in retail and in retail you’re shaking peoples hands a lot.  I’d always want to dry my hands off before shaking someone’s. I haven’t had sweaty palms since I got the surgery done in June. And you know, it’s life changing.”

I had a great experience at the La Peer Surgicenter.  The center is very new, nice and clean. Everyone was very kind, professional and accommodating.  I was informed of the billing prior to the procedure.  The billing was exactly as expected. I really can not think of a way for them to improve the quality of the “patient experience.”  I will ask to go there again should I need additional procedures.

-Leah S., Yelp Review

Fantastic facility with wonderful customer service – I felt I was in the best place for my procedure. Once waiting for the procedure, all the nurses really worried about how I was and if I was comfortable. My doctor was running a little late so the nurses called my husband to tell him to arrive a little later – Thank you La Peer!

-Sandra. M, Yelp Review

“If someone else was having the same problems as I was having, I would tell them to go talk to their doctor and see if they can get the surgery like I did because it’s changed everything about my life. I’ll say it again, I’ll tell anybody who asks me, it’s the best surgery I’ve ever had.”

“Most professional surgical center I’ve ever gone to, and there have been far too many.”

“My results have been life-changing.  I can go day to day shaking peoples’ hands and not worry about drying my hands off before I shake their hands.  I can have friends over and play video games with them and not pass them a controller and have them wipe it off on a towel before they take over. You know, anything I do involving my hands was just painstaking before the surgery. And now, it’s just like any other thing.”

“I felt myself to be in good professional hands, and my optimal recovery confirms that perception.”

“The anesthesiologist made me feel incredibly comfortable! He told me what to expect and was very kind to me while I was on the table about to go under.”

“They were fabulous; just cheery, patient, and eager to assist in anyway they can.”

“My entire experience was much better than any I’ve had before. The staff was great and while I don’t necessarily look forward to my next procedure, I do look forward to the experience at La Peer.”

“La Peer was awesome; they checked on me every ten minutes before the surgery and after the surgery. They made sure I made it into the car okay, they made sure I had a driver. Everything was smooth. I would come here again for another surgery.”

“Keep doing what you are doing. Everything was great. I was scared and your facility made me feel so comfortable. Thanks for everything.”

“Fantastic all around!!!”

“Surgery was awesome.  It took like 30 minutes.  I got here at 6:00 in the morning. It took me about a day, two days to recover, and I was back on my feet and working again.  And scars are pretty much nonexistent.”

“The La Peer Health Systems Surgery Center is great. The facilities are state-of-the-art and are truly the best I have ever been to. It was very relaxing preparing for my surgery knowing I was headed to such a great facility. I highly recommend La Peer to friends and will be coming back here if need another surgery in the future.”

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else for hyperhidrosis treatments in the future!”

“Excellent doctor – in fact, one of the most thorough and attentive I’ve ever encountered. I went to see Dr. Mahtabifard for a consultation for some nagging, lingering GI issues and found him 100% engaged in getting to the root of the problem. His approach was very personable and comprehensive, there was never any sense that he was just trying to give me a quick fix to get me out the door. He took a lot of time going over my history and, perhaps most importantly, really seemed to value my input and opinions. I left with what felt like an intelligent, workable plan of action. His front office staff was friendly and efficient as well – I didn’t have to wait forever to get an appointment, and he saw me right on time. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a good GI doc.”

-Eric H.

“This doctor is just amazing. Dr. Mahtabifard takes his time and makes sure you understand his plan of action in detail. Great personality. I would refer everyone I know to this wonderful doctor.”

“Dr. Mahtabifard is a wonderful surgeon and a wonderful man. He’s my hero. I live out of town and he always makes time to see me. I was told I was inoperable until I met him. He saved my life.”

“I was hesitant to write a review on this website at first, because its really not in my nature to write a review. However I felt compelled to write firstly, because I use this website as one of the many resources to help find Dr’s and secondly, I was thoroughly impressed by Dr.Ali. I have been to many specialists throughout the years and I mean MANY!! I can’t help but remember how helpless I felt walking in through the office doors and walking out with a sigh of relief. Finally a doctor who knows what he specializes in and reassured confidence in me. I’m just impressed by how patient and understanding he was, he helped put into perspective what it was I needed done. It’s just not easy trusting your life with a stranger specially if that person will eventually operate on you. I have held off on my surgery for about four months now.I’m confident to say I can have Dr. Mahtabifaerd as the surgeon who will conduct my procedure. Highly recommended physician!”

“After going to several Physicians, Dr. Mahtabifard was the only one that was able to understand the real issues i had and I’m grateful to him for my life.”

“I was treated not like I was just another patient, but as someone whose needs were met by a very conscientious staff.”

“Absolutely love the nursing stuff. So great!”

“Second time using LaPeer, excellent staff, very caring with me as I was quite nervous.”

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