Palmar hyperhidrosis is one of the several different types of hyperhidrosis that patients often experience. This is the type that occurs on the palms of the hands. The Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence offers the latest cutting-edge treatments for palmar hyperhidrosis in Los Angeles. Don’t wait. Call us today at 888.349.1398 or fill out our online contact to get more information about a cure for sweaty hands.

Excessive Sweating Palms

Sweating is a natural function of the human body. But for some people it is also caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system. This condition is thought to occur in about 1% of the population.

For those who suffer from palmar hyperhidrosis, the condition can be limiting and highly embarrassing. They may avoid shaking hands or limit social interaction altogether. For many palmar hyperhidrosis Los Angeles patients, the condition begins in childhood and continues to cause distress throughout life.

Palmar Hyperhidrosis Treatment

There are a number of treatment options available for those who suffer from palmar hyperhidrosis. These include antiperspirants, medication, and surgery.

The most common antiperspirant used is Drysol. Drysol is applied to the palms at night. This is often the first line of treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis. Los Angeles hyperhidrosis doctors may also prescribe anticholinergic drugs to reduce sweating. However, these drugs can have negative side effects.

Another option for treating palmar hyperhidrosis is surgery. The surgery to treat this condition is called thoracoscopic sympathectomy. This is a procedure in which a nerve in the chest is severed. This is done using a specially designed camera that’s inserted into the chest. This nerve is known to cause excessive sweating, and when it is cut, the sweating stops.

Palmar Hyperhidrosis Los Angeles Doctors

You don’t have to suffer from palmar hyperhidrosis any longer. Our leading experts at the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence have the skills and experience to help you stop the sweating and take control of your life again. Call us today or contact us online.

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