miradry-los-angelesThere’s no reason to endure the embarrassment and discomfort of excessively sweaty armpits when an effective and simple solution is available. MiraDry is an FDA-approved procedure that gives you medical-strength treatment in a safe and non-invasive form. It takes only two treatments, conducted in the safety of your doctor’s office, to put an end once and for all to embarrassing sweat outbreaks.

You have the opportunity to end the hassle of managing your life around excessive sweating, and the costs associated with it. A limited number of physicians use this medically advanced treatment, and the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence in Los Angeles is one of them.

What Is miraDry?

miraDry is an outpatient treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to eliminate sweat glands permanently. Only a physician trained in using miraDry can perform the procedure, and it typically takes two sessions for noticeable improvements. In general, patients average an 82% reduction in sweating.

Treatments are customized depending on the location of a patient’s armpit sweat glands. For comfort during a session, a patient’s underarms are numbed prior to the procedure. A special miraDry hand piece is then held up to the armpit by the attending physician who applies this procedure for each arm. Overall, a miraDry session takes approximately one hour, depending on a patient’s individual case.

If you’re wondering whether miraDry might be right for you, consider whether excessive sweating causes you the following:

  • Embarrassment
  • Interruption of daily activities
  • Worry over noticeable sweat stains
  • Repeated applications of antiperspirant
  • Damaged clothing

miraDry is exclusively made to treat armpits and is not a treatment for excessive sweating in other areas of the body such as feet, hands, or knees. The entire body has approximately four million sweat glands and only 2% of these are located in the armpits. The sweat glands eliminated by miraDry do not affect your body’s cooling ability. Some people do experience secondary symptoms with miraDry, and these can include underarm hair and odor reduction.

Recovery following miraDry Treatments

There is little to no down time following miraDry treatments. Most people can return to work or usual activities immediately after the procedure. However, it’s best to wait several days before resuming strenuous physical activity. There might be some localized soreness, swelling, or altered sensation in the treated areas, but these are normal reactions and will clear up in a few weeks. However, patients are always encouraged to ask any questions that arise.

miraDry FAQ’s

If you’ve tried and failed with other treatments for sweaty armpits, then you probably have questions about miraDry and its effectiveness. We’ve listed below some of the most frequently asked questions from patients who are new to miraDry for hyperhidrosis.

Q: Is miraDry painful?

A: Patients are placed under local anesthesia so there is little to no pain with the procedure. There might be a sensation of light pulling and pressure and a slight feeling of warmth. Some patients might feel an occasional and brief “hot spot,” but this is not painful.

Q: Who should administer miraDry?

A: Ideally, a thoracic specialist in Los Angeles performs the miraDry procedure, which has been proven safe and effective for thousands of patients.

Q: Is miraDry right for me?

A: Individuals seeking a treatment which is non-invasive with permanent results would most likely prefer miraDry over any other treatment.

Q: Does miraDry cause side-effects?

A: Nothing persistent. Some patients experience localized soreness, swelling, or altered sensation in the treated areas, but these diminish within a few weeks.

Q: Is there a recovery process following a miraDry treatment?

A: You can resume your normal work and daily activities immediately after treatment. It’s recommended that you wait a few days before resuming physical exercise. If you prefer, you could take a mild over-the-counter pain medication and use ice packs on the treated areas for a few days.

Q: How does miraDry treat sweaty armpits?

A: The miraDry procedure reduces and permanently removes a large percentage of underarm sweat glands.

Q: Is miraDry covered by insurance?

A: Unfortunately, insurance does not cover miraDry treatments. However, our medical center staff will work to set-up a payment arrangement that is convenient for you.

Contact a Hyperhidrosis Doctor

If you’ve tried other treatment options for sweaty armpits and only been disappointed with the results, you might be concerned about trying something new. At the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence we take exceptional care with each and every patient, providing only the most effective and advanced procedures and services. For more information on miraDry, or to schedule a consultation with a hyperhidrosis expert, please call 888-349-1398, or you can complete our online form.