Hyperhidrosis means your body’s cooling system is working overtime producing four to five times the normal amount of sweat. You could be sitting calmly at your desk, but your hands, palms, armpits, or face are drenched in sweat. This condition is more than physically uncomfortable; hyperhidrosis can cause embarrassment and discomfort especially in social or professional situations. There’s also a potential danger with hyperhidrosis. Hands and palms slick with excessive sweat can make gripping a car’s steering wheel difficult.

Levels of perspiration differ for everyone, and to determine whether your overactive sweating is caused by hyperhidrosis, a specialist should be consulted. The hyperhidrosis expert would conduct an evaluation of the causes and triggers of your excessive sweating and determine if you have hyperhidrosis. The experts at the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence in Los Angeles are specialists who can help. The Center is headed by Clark Fuller, MD, and Ali Mahtabifard, MD who have over 25 years of combined experience treating patients for hyperhidrosis.

Medical Reasons for Hyperhidrosis

While some people think that only heat and emotions trigger excessive sweating, there are a number of other possible causes. These include:

● Nerve signals
● Surgery or injury near the saliva-producing glands of the mouth
● Diabetes
● Thyroid disease
● High blood pressure
● Some antidepressants
● Infections
● Certain cancers
● Menopause

If medication is the cause of hyperhidrosis, then the solution could be as simple as changing to another prescription.

How Hyperhidrosis Is Treated

A hyperhidrosis specialist will consider moderate treatment options first, but each case must be evaluated based on several factors, such as the severity of the case and location of hyperhidrosis.

There are several non-invasive options for treating heavy sweating. These include:

● Topical antiperspirants – most contain aluminum chloride or aluminum chlorhydrate
Botox – blocks sweat secretion in the treated glands
● Iontophoresis – pore thickening procedure delivered through mild electrical current

With more severe sweating cases, hyperhidrosis specialists can treat patients with thoracoscopic sympathectomy, a minimally invasive surgical method. This procedure helps to prevent excessive sweating by severing the sympathetic nerves which are located at the back of the chest cavity.

Contact a Los Angeles Hyperhidrosis Doctor

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