Hyperhidrosis is the medical condition of excessive sweating. For many people excessive sweating has negative social consequences. It not only causes embarrassment, but trouble at work and in one’s personal life as well.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with excessive sweating. It is possible to get hyperhidrosis treatment. Beverly Hills surgeons are standing by with a variety of options. Contact the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence at 888.349.1398 today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with an expert on hyperhidrosis treatment in Beverly Hills.

Hyperhidrosis Types

There are a number of different ways that hyperhidrosis can affect a patient. The condition can occur on several different parts of the body, including the feet, palms, armpits, and more.


Also known as plantar hyperhidrosis, sweaty feet is more than just an annoying and upsetting condition, it can also result in a number of other unpleasant foot conditions. These include foot odor and fungal infections. Conservative treatments such as topical medication may help relieve symptoms of plantar hyperhidrosis. In more severe instances, surgery may be necessary.


Also known as palmar hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating of the palms happens in many people as a result of the body’s normal stress reaction. For others, however, it happens for no reason at all. In the case of hand sweating, surgery is the most effective hyperhidrosis treatment. Beverly Hills surgeons have achieved a 90% success rate for surgical treatment of palm sweating.


While everyone sweats from their armpits, about 1% of the population experiences excessive armpit sweating or axillary hyperhidrosis. This is sweating that does not respond appropriately to antiperspirants. Treatment options for axillary hyperhidrosis include Botox and surgery.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Beverly Hills

Do you suffer from excessive sweating and the embarrassment that often comes with it? Don’t wait any longer to contact an expert in hyperhidrosis treatment. Beverly Hills surgeons are experienced and skilled at helping each individual patient get the relief they need.

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