Patients who suffer from excessive sweating and want to attempt more conservative therapy before surgery are good candidates to undergo Botox. Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a safe substance that is used in a variety of medical applications, including the disruption of sympathetic nerve signals that cause excessive sweating. Making it official, the FDA has approved Botox for hyperhidrosis treatment. 

Cure for Sweaty Palms Los AngelesBotox is administered as a series of small subcutaneous injections in either the hands or armpit. When used in the armpit, no anesthetic is required but may be used if the patient is particularly sensitive. Botox injection for sweaty hands is performed under a temporary nerve block to reduce discomfort during the procedure. The procedure itself takes only a matter of minutes, after which the patient will be able to return to their normal activities.

The Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence in Los Angeles offers a team of renowned thoracic surgeons specializing in the comprehensive management of profuse sweating. For more information on Botox treatment, or to schedule a consultation with an expert thoracic surgeon specialist, please contact us at (888) 349-1398.

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Treating Excessive Sweating With Botox

Botox can be used for the treatment of palmar (hand) or axillary (armpit) hyperhidrosis. Patients suffering from these conditions have had very satisfactory results with injecting Botox. Several clinical studies have shown clear blocking of sweat secretion in the treated glands, with the effect lasting approximately six months. Currently, the effectiveness of Botox treatment for facial sweating or plantar (foot) sweating has not been established.

Botox Treatment

Botox for Excessive Sweating Jodi Slavica Los AngelesDr. Mahtabifard and Dr. Fuller refer all of their patients who wish to receive Botox treatment for excessive sweating to the Center for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles. This outpatient center boasts one of the most experienced and accomplished facial plastic surgery teams in the country. Botox treatment is performed by Jodi Slavica, RN, a highly skilled nurse with years of experience in using Botox and fillers to treat facial paralysis, facial asymmetry, and various types of excessive sweating. Jodi comes to La Peer Health Systems with an impressive background as a neuro-surgery Nurse from Alberta, Canada. After arriving in Beverly Hills, Jodi was trained by La Peer Health Systems world-renowned team of facial plastic and cosmetic surgeons to be able to provide the best possible outcomes for her patients.

To assure success for her patients, Jodi carefully injects Botox into the sweat glands where the patient is experiencing excessive sweating. If a patient is concerned about pain, Jodi makes sure to accommodate their needs through varying local anesthetics and topical numbing creams. After a patient is injected with Botox, results should begin to be noticed over the course of the next few days.

Skin Care After Botox

In most cases of mild hand and armpit hyperhidrosis, Botox effectively blocks excessive sweating. Some patients who receive Botox for sweating experience mild side effects, which may include:

  • Stinging at the injection site for 10-15 minutes
  • Swelling and Tenderness, usually resolving after a few days
  • Temporary redness of skin at the injection site

The intensity and duration of these side effects varies depending on the healing characteristics of the individual. After undergoing Botox for sweating, it is important to take proper care of the skin around the injection site in order to avoid irritation or prolong side effects. Both axillary and palmar hyperhidrosis patients treated with Botox should be particularly aware of the following:

  • Avoid excessive sun and heat until swelling and redness has resolved
  • When outside, wear sunscreen (SPF of at least 30) over injection site to protect from UV radiation
  • Avoid exercise or strenuous activities that would normally cause profuse sweating for the first few days after the procedure

Contact a Sweating Specialist in Los Angeles

At the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence, our team of specialists is committed to providing comprehensive individualized treatment plans for each patient. For more information on Botox, or to schedule a consultation with a specialist, please call (888) 349-1398 or fill out our contact form.

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